Proposition 1 - Isn't What You Think

If adopted by voters this November, Proposition 1 would effectively allow the unlimited expansion of gambling machines – called “historical horse racing” terminals – throughout Idaho. Deemed questionable by the Attorney General and outlawed by Legislators in 2015, Prop 1 will allow these gambling machines to blanket the state. Idaho United Against Prop 1 represents a diverse group of state, local, and tribal community leaders, businesses, elected officials, educators, and families who believe Idahoans need to look into the facts regarding Prop 1 and recognize that voting NO this fall will protect our communities from the unlimited expansion of casino-style gambling.



Get the REAL FACTS on Historical Horse Racing

Despite claims by promoters of this ballot initiative, Proposition 1 is all about gambling machines, not horses. The text of Prop 1 will allow historical horse racing machines to be permitted anywhere that live racing or simulcast horse racing occurs – but machines are permitted to remain on 24/7 even if no racing is taking place.

Casino-style gambling could be expanded to every corner of Idaho unless voters say NO this November. But don’t just take our word for it. Learn more about the details of Prop 1 and find out what the promoters of this measure are hiding from you.


Promoters of Proposition 1 are leaving a lot of details out on what this measure will actually mean for Idaho.

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Prop 1 is about gambling machines, not horses.
Bettors have no way of knowing if the thousands of previously video-taped races actually ran in Idaho or from another location out of the state.
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Idaho public schools and the horse racing community only receive a small percent of gross machine revenues
According to the text of the measure, promoters take a 9% guaranteed profit while only 0.5% of profits goes to schools and 0.2% goes to the horse racing community.
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Prop 1 promoters have not been honest with Idaho voters in the past.
In 2014, not only did promoters of Prop 1 mislead citizens and legislators on the number of machines they planned to install, they also misrepresented the type of machines, installing larger terminals than promised that mimicked slot machines.

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